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6th International WOLF Meeting

4th - 6th October 2013
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche
Largo S. Eufemia, 19 - Modena

Program of the meeting

The WOLF gathers research workers from many countries and aims to update the state of the art on the knowledge of larger foraminifers. The 6th International WOLF Meeting is dedicated to the ongoing project of a Paleocene Atlas of larger foraminifers. The long term aim is to update the Shallow Benthic Zonation.

After fifteen years since the establishment of the today routinely employed Shallow Benthic Zonation (SBZ), a considerable amount of further data is now available, and advances in zonal definition, subdivision into subzones, the correlation of some unresolved boundaries with magnetostratigraphy and changes linked to the redefinition of some Early Paleogene GSSPs have already been proposed or can be postulated for the next years. Therefore, the SBZ necessitate to be revised and extended, also integrating data from paleobiogeographic domains other than Tethys.

The GIRMM participates and contributes to the WOLF project since the beginning.

Jack Day 2013

October 2013, Friday 4
University of Chieti-Pescara "Gabriele D'Annunzio".

The G.I.R.M.M. would like to draw your attention to the Jack Day, which is dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Pallini. The aim of the day is to gather students, colleagues and friends of Giovanni Pallini, and to talk about the state of Paleontology in Italy.

The G.I.R.M.M. will contribute with a talk titled "I giovani e la Paleontologia: oltre la passione, un mestiere possibile?".

Giovanni Pallini was a paleontologist and a biostratigrapher, his research was focused on Jurassic-Cretaceous Ammonites and Cenozoic Ichthyodontolites.

The GIRMM at the 2013 Italian Paleontological Society Congress

Our contributes:

Bianchi E., Benedetti A., Di Carlo M. & Pignatti J. - Recent foraminifers from shallow water post-tsunami environments of Lhaviyani Atoll (Maldives archipelago).

Benedetti A. - Le mie tasche sono un ambiente selettivo? Metodi per affrontare la teoria dell'evoluzione nelle scuole superiori.

Briguglio A. & Hohenegger J. - Reconstructing Moon Calendar by growth quantification of larger Foraminifera by X-ray computed tomography.

Briguglio A., Wolfgring E. & Hohenegger J. - Living under constant predatory attacks: surviving strategy of the largest benthic foraminifer.

Gianolla D., Irace A., Monegato G., Tema E. & Martinetto E. - New Malacological data from the Villafranchian Upper Complex in the Alessandria Basin

The G.I.R.M.M. invite you to the European Geosciences Union General Assembly - Vienna (Austria),
April 2012, 22-27
Larger foraminifera: biostratigraphy, biogeography and field applications
(sponsored by PalAss)
The topic is wide and contributes from correlated disciplines are encouraged and welcome
Download the flier of the first circular
Remember that the deadline for abstract submission is January 17st.
A. Briguglio and M. Di Carlo


September 4th 2011 - Farewell Lukas Hottinger

Lukas Hottinger was one of the major experts on present-day and fossil larger foraminifera. His studies on Paleogene Alveolina included genus and species definitions and changes through time, the concept of phylogenetic lineages, and their use in zonal biochronology. His bibliography, widely respected by the international scientific community, comprises over 120 papers and six monographs. These contributions range far over the geological landscape, including topics as diverse as stratigraphy, paleoecology, and evolution, and spanning the globe from Indo-Pacific and Africa to the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea (from Wikipedia).


February 15th 2011 - GIRMM: i primi due anni tra percorsi svolti e nuove prospettive

D. Gianolla, A. Benedetti, A. Briguglio, S. Casieri, C. D'Amico, M. Di Carlo, V. Frezza, F. Grossi & M. C. Succi

Report on the two years activities of the GIRMM group published on the volume 22 of Paleoitalia, journal of the Italian Paleontological Society.

June 2009 - G.I.R.M.M. (Gruppo Informale di Ricerche Micropaleontologiche e Malacologiche): una risorsa online per uscire dall'anonimato
A. Benedetti, A. Briguglio, S. Casieri, C. D'Amico, M. Di Carlo, V. Frezza, D. Gianolla & M. C. Succi
The official presentation of the website published in the volume 20 of Paleoitalia, journal of the Italian Paleontological Society (pages 32-26).