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The GIRMM offers advanced micropaleontological and malacological consulting services with emphasis on the following fossil and recent groups: foraminifer, ostracod, gastropod and bivalve. Systematic, biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental investigations both on marine and continental successions are our main specialization fields.

Recent/Sub-Recent benthic foraminifera assemblages are employed as proxies of water pollution.

Analysis carried on thin and polished sections, washing residues, well cuttings and free fossil specimens. Samples preparation provided in collaboration with the laboratories of  "Sapienza" University of Rome, Earth Sciences Department. 3D microtomographic analysis thanks to the University of Vienna. The direct management of the preparation assures the best quality control.  Outsourcing with private laboratories of proved reliability is possible on demand.

- Samples preparation

- Age and depositional environment analysis

- Paleontological and geological consulting services for archeology (e.g., integrated analysis on lithic material to individuate the quarry of provenience)

- Biostratigraphy on samples successions (Meso-Cenozoic)

- Digital (micro)photography with optic or S.E.M. microscope

- picking from washing residues with possibility of specimens counting for statistical purposes (e.g., standard 300 forams/sample) and samples granulometric analysis.

- Statistical analysis on paleontological dataset

- 3D fossil reconstruction and interpretation trough microtomography

- Mollusca morphologic analysis and geometric morphometry trough landmarks

- Taxonomic analysis

- Short courses on selected topics for individuals or small groups (e.g., applied biostratigraphy, facies analysis)

- Field consulting support: geological mapping, Oil&Gas

- Digital and printed output. Power Point illustration of the output on demand.

If the list does not meet your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. Customized services are available. The GIRMM is well connected with an international web of renowned experts of other disciplines